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4 versions of Xine-UI.

Xine-UI 0.99.5-r2 450  1199 Jona...
video player with plugins
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[Name]  xine-ui
[Summary]  video player with plugins
[Description]  Xine is a video player with a graphical front-end that supports a \
large number of file formats (i.e., VCD, MPEG2) using plug-ins. Several plug-ins \
are included. Others can be post-installed. Supports stereo sound using OSS and AC5.1 \
using Alsa. This version of xine may lack certain features because of legal requirements \
(potential patent violation). See also http://www.suse.de/en/private/products/suse_linux/i386/multimedia.html
[Suse Category]  Productivity/Multimedia/Video/Players
[License]  GPL, Other License(s), see package
[Homepage]  http://xine.sourceforge.net
Xine-UI 0.99.4-r2 3371  1059 Fern...
video player with plugins
Xine-UI 0.99.3-r1 3371  1096 roko
video player with plugins
Xine-UI 0.99.2-r1 3371  1096 Mich...
video player with plugins