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7 versions of XMonad.

XMonad 0.9.1-r1 3135  1116 Kevi...
A tiling window manager
XMonad 0.9-r1 3206  1103 Kevi...
A tiling window manager
XMonad 0.8.1-r1 3444  1123 Kevi...
A tiling window manager
XMonad 0.8-r2 3458  1123 Kevi...
A tiling window manager
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[Name] XMonad
[Summary] A tiling window manager
[Description] xmonad is a tiling window manager for X. Windows are arranged
    automatically to tile the screen without gaps or overlap, maximising
    screen use. All features of the window manager are accessible from
    the keyboard: a mouse is strictly optional. xmonad is written and
    extensible in Haskell. Custom layout algorithms, and other
    extensions, may be written by the user in config files. Layouts are
    applied dynamically, and different layouts may be used on each
    workspace. Xinerama is fully supported, allowing windows to be tiled
    on several screens.
[License] BSD3
[Homepage] http://xmonad.org
XMonad 0.7-r1 3458  1087 Kevi...
A tiling window manager
XMonad 0.4-r1 3458  956 Fabi...
a tiling window manager
XMonad 0.3-r1 3458  931 Aito...
a tiling window manager