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10 versions of XF86-Input-Synaptics.

XF86-Input-Synaptics 1.9.0-r2 847  835 Hish...
Drivers for Xorg
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[Name] XF86-Input-Synaptics
[Summary] Drivers for Xorg
[Description] Xorg-Driver contains drivers, shipped as part of the Xorg X11 project.
[License] Modified MIT
[Homepage] http://www.x.org
XF86-Input-Synaptics 1276  854 Luca...
Drivers for Xorg
XF86-Input-Synaptics 1.7.6-r1 1976  843 Luca...
Drivers for Xorg
XF86-Input-Synaptics 1.7.2-r1 2213  848 Luca...
Drivers for Xorg
XF86-Input-Synaptics 2872  842 Luca...
Drivers for Xorg
XF86-Input-Synaptics 1.3.0-r1 3283  804 Diog...
Drivers for Xorg
XF86-Input-Synaptics 1.2.2-r2 3532  767 Hugo...
Drivers for Xorg
XF86-Input-Synaptics 1.2.1-r1 3674  580 Jona... (none)
XF86-Input-Synaptics 0.99.3-r1 3985  591 Jona... (none)
XF86-Input-Synaptics 0.15.2-r1 3985  534 Jona... (none)