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2 versions of USB-ModeSwitch.

USB-ModeSwitch 2.2.0-r2 463  1909 Luca...
A mode switching tool for controlling "flip flop" (multiple device) USB
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[Name] USB-ModeSwitch
[Summary] A mode switching tool for controlling "flip flop" (multiple device) USB \
[Description] USB_ModeSwitch is (surprise!) a mode switching tool for controlling \
"flip flop" (multiple device) USB gear.

More and more USB devices (especially high-speed WAN stuff, based on cell phone chipsets \
containing that feature) have their MS Windows drivers onboard; when plugged in for \
the first time they act like a flash storage and start installing the driver from \
there. After installation (and on every consecutive plugging) the driver switches \
the mode internally, the storage device vanishes (in most cases), and a new device \
(like an USB modem) shows up. Modem maker "Option" calls that feature "ZeroCD (TM)" \
since it eliminates the need for shipping a separate driver carrier.

In the beginning, nothing of this was documented in any form and there was hardly \
any Linux support available.
On the good side, most of the known devices do work in both modes with the available \
Linux drivers like "usb-storage" or "option" (an optimized serial driver, the Linux \
standard for high-speed 3G modems).
That leaves only the problem of the mode switching from storage to modem or whatever \
the thing is supposed to do.

Fortunately there are things like human reason, USB sniffing programs and "libusb". \
It is possible to eavesdrop the communication of the MS Windows driver, to isolate \
the command or action that triggers the mode switching and to reproduce the same \
thing under the rule of Linux or the BSD variants.

USB_ModeSwitch makes this process easy to handle by taking the important parameters \
from a configuration file and doing all the initialization and communication stuff, \
with heavy help from "libusb".
It is mainly used automatically - via udev events and rules - to do the switch without \
any user interaction. But it can also be run as a command line tool, usually when \
trying to make unknown devices work with it. 
[License] GNU General Public License version 2
[Homepage] http://www.draisberghof.de/usb_modeswitch
USB-ModeSwitch 1.2.5-r1 1975  1954 Luca...
A mode switching tool for controlling "flip flop" (multiple device) USB