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23 versions of DBus.

DBus 1.10.8-r3 1047  4465 Carl...
D-Bus message bus
DBus 1.7.10-r6 1385  4554 Luca...
D-Bus message bus
DBus 1.7.8-r5 1385  3430 Luca...
D-Bus message bus
DBus 1.4.20-r2 1385  3272 Luca...
D-Bus message bus
DBus 1.4.1-r2 1385  3247 Diog...
D-Bus message bus
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<!-- This configuration file controls the systemwide message bus.
     Add a system-local.conf and edit that rather than changing this 
     file directly. -->

<!-- Note that there are any number of ways you can hose yourself
     security-wise by screwing up this file; in particular, you
     probably don't want to listen on any more addresses, add any more
     auth mechanisms, run as a different user, etc. -->

<!DOCTYPE busconfig PUBLIC "-//freedesktop//DTD D-Bus Bus Configuration 1.0//EN"

  <!-- Our well-known bus type, do not change this -->

  <!-- Run as special user -->

  <!-- Fork into daemon mode -->

  <!-- Write a pid file -->

  <!-- Only allow socket-credentials-based authentication -->

  <!-- Only listen on a local socket. (abstract=/path/to/socket 
       means use abstract namespace, don't really create filesystem 
       file; only Linux supports this. Use path=/whatever on other 
       systems.) -->

  <policy context="default">
    <!-- Deny everything then punch holes -->
    <deny send_interface="*"/>
    <deny receive_interface="*"/>
    <deny own="*"/>
    <!-- But allow all users to connect -->
    <allow user="*"/>
    <!-- Allow anyone to talk to the message bus -->
    <!-- FIXME I think currently these allow rules are always implicit 
         even if they aren't in here -->
    <allow send_destination="org.freedesktop.DBus"/>
    <allow receive_sender="org.freedesktop.DBus"/>
    <!-- valid replies are always allowed -->
    <allow send_requested_reply="true"/>
    <allow receive_requested_reply="true"/>

  <!-- Config files are placed here that among other things, punch 
       holes in the above policy for specific services. -->

  <!-- This is included last so local configuration can override what's 
       in this standard file -->
  <include ignore_missing="yes">system-local.conf</include>

  <include if_selinux_enabled="yes" selinux_root_relative="yes">contexts/dbus_contexts</include>

DBus 1.3.0-r3 1385  3265 Jona...
D-Bus message bus
DBus 1.2.16-r2 1385  3254 Luca...
D-Bus message bus
DBus 1.2.14-r2 1385  3226 Jona...
D-Bus message bus
DBus 1.2.12-r2 1385  3253 Nick...
D-Bus message bus
DBus 1.2.6-r2 1385  3263 Ősi...
D-Bus message bus
DBus 1.2.1-r2 1385  3230 Jona...
D-Bus message bus
DBus 1.1.2-r7 1385  3532 Jona...
D-Bus message bus
DBus 1.0.2-r4 1385  3309 Jona...
D-Bus message bus
DBus 0.95-r7 1385  2691 Kosh (none)
DBus 0.60-r2 1385  1366 Jona... (none)
DBus 0.50-r2 1385  1279 Carl... (none)
DBus 0.33-r2 1385  729 Andr... (none)
DBus 0.32-r2 1385  749 Jona... (none)
DBus 0.31-r2 1385  721 roko (none)
DBus 0.23.4-r2 1385  754 Jona... (none)
DBus 0.23.2-r2 1385  726 roko (none)
DBus 0.22-r2 1385  663 roko (none)
DBus 0.20-r2 1385  509 (none)