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4 versions of Audit.

Audit 2.7.4-r1 1084  1040 Hish...
The Linux Auditing Framework
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[Name] Audit
[Summary] The Linux Auditing Framework
[Description] The main LAF goals are to provide system call auditing with 
1) as low overhead as possible, and 2) without duplicating functionality 
that is already provided by SELinux (and/or other security infrastructures).

This framework will work "stand-alone", but is not designed to provide,
e.g., CAPP functionality without another security component in place.
[License] GNU General Public License version 2
[Homepage] http://people.redhat.com/sgrubb/audit
Audit 1.7.18-r1 3342  1265 Luca...
The Linux Auditing Framework
Audit 1.7.13-r1 3990  1276 Luca...
The Linux Auditing Framework
Audit 1.7.4-r1 4047  1256 Luca...
The Linux Auditing Framework